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The best starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald is generally considered to be Mudkip. Mudkip is a Water type Pokemon that evolves into Marshtomp and then into Swampert, which is a very powerful and versatile Pokemon that can learn a wide variety of moves. Additionally, the Water type is very useful in the early stages of the game, as it allows you to easily defeat many of the gym leaders.

What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? What is up my Eryibros and have you ever wondered what is the best Hoenn starter pokemon? Choosing a Starter is always the most important and pivotal decision to make for your journey. Of course there is no right or wrong decision on what starter to pick, but there is definitely a BEST pokemon to pick that would benefit you the most. So today I and Zelda will help you guys make the right decision on what statistically is the best Hoenn starter. But since it would take ages to go through all 6 regions at once I will be splitting this into 6 parts. Today we are going to take a look at the Hoenn region. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend.

How many pokemon in arceus

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the total number of Pokémon that were expected to be available in the upcoming game “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” was not yet officially confirmed. However, it was announced that the game would feature many Pokémon from previous generations, as well as some new regional variants of Pokémon that would be unique to the game’s setting in the ancient Sinnoh region. It is likely that more information about the specific number of Pokémon in the game will be revealed closer to its release date.

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